more '12

okay, so it's november. how on earth did that happen?

still working on tracks. still making acid. still keeping it stripped back and minimal.

soundcloud will be bearing the brunt of the musical assault when it happens, i'm sure.

for now, i hope this year has brought you happiness. i know it has for me.

stay well until the next update.





so, halfway through the year. what's happening? well, the usual things are happening, as you might expect.

there are some new tracks on the backburner, waiting to be fleshed out and completed. i've been on that acid tip again - much like i was a couple of years back.

if ever there was a sound that's managed to inadvertently define a lot of my more well-received tracks, the 303 is it. and i'm absolutely happy with that. in fact i've never shied away from my love of deep, flat acid basslines. i welcome them and their somewhat random nature.

so, in essence, you can look forward to a whole lot more 303 in my next batch of tracks.

and that has to be a good thing, right?




new beginnings

here we are in 2012. after a year of work overload the lack of new remote_ material has been a tad frustrating. however, things are moving in the right direction with a new set up, fresh inspiration and the need to be creative once again.

one notable piece of news from 2011 was the release of a split 12" with stephen collins on the wonderful neurhythmics label. my good friend runs neurhythmics and it was, once again, a pleasure to work with him on putting some music out.

you can still pick up a copy of the saveur secrete ep if you look hard enough, and you're sure to enjoy stephen's absolutely monstrous, jacking track 'no such beat'.

and, of course, you might enjoy my tracks as well...

so, look out for updates this year and i'll wish you all a happy, positive and strong 2012.




in memory...

this isn't my news, but it's an incredibly significant and deeply sad event that i feel is completely right to mention here.

on july 8th 2009 celer's dani baquet-long passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. the impact that will & dani's music has had on me and many other people is profound and in many ways indescribable. dani's poetry and words are such an integral part of the celer ethos and give their otherworldy compositions a layer of warmth, enigma and humanity. on a personal level i feel so saddened and shocked by this news and my thoughts and love go out to will as well as both families and dani's friends.

as i stated on the smallfish website i have felt some comfort knowing that the music and words that dani created will always be remembered. you can be sure that her music and spirit will live on.

this is a favourite photo that will sent out and you'll find a link to the celer blog with his official announcement below.

rest in peace, dani.




remote_ - endings 3" cdr now available from smallfish

other events have overshadowed this release from my perspective but it seems logical to mention my own new cdr on my own label.

having uploaded it a few weeks ago on myspace it seemed fitting to fill in the missing catalogue number [fish8cm-11] with something by me.

it's a hybrid of house and techno and is surprisingly groovy. a bit like marmite, you'll either love it or hate it i reckon. i love it personally and hope that some of you enjoy it too.

click the cover to go straight to the page on smallfish.



new track on myspace

yup, i've actually uploaded something new onto myspace. i don't know whether people will dig it, but i'm really pleased with it and it's a sound that's very close to my heart - big, slightly epic and as simple as it can be. it's called acid end and will hopefully form part of a 3" cd on smallfish in the near future.

call it house, call it techno... i don't mind, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

it can be found right here.



march 2009

another huge gap in updating the remote_ site and i'm pretty sure you can guess exactly why that is. yes, it's smallfish.

i've simply had no time to do anything else for the last year and my music writing has suffered in a fairly severe way because of it. i'm hoping that over the next few months i'll be able to devote a little more time to it as there are still some releases that are forthcoming, including the long-awaited quietus cd.

i'll provide some more news as and when i get some and hopefully add some new audio in the near future (even if it's archive material) and get back into the swing of things. for the timebeing, however, smallfish continues to eat up every hour of every day. in fact it's a miracle i even got around to doing this!

thanks for all the support and, you never know your luck, i may start updating that twitter page once i'm back on track!





remote_ - archive series

a quick heads-up for you on a couple of forthcoming releases that I haven't officially announced yet on the smallfish website.

the archive series is a chance for me to get some of my old tracks out into the world and, to be honest, i feel it's a great opportunity for me to show some love to the music that brought me to where i am at the moment.

don't expect pristine quality, or highly produced work... a lot of the tracks are raw sounding and rough around the edges, but they've been constant companions to me over the years and i truly love them in their own different ways. i feel that to tinker with them now would take away a lot of the charm they have.

be it techno, ambient, house or even drum & bass, there's a common theme to the sounds and i'm pleased to be able to give people who are interested a chance to hear these vintage works.

due in the near future, there won't be any pre-orders or announcements, they'll just appear exclusively through the smallfish website and each release will be a numbered edition of just 50 copies.

keep an eye out and if you fancy it, snaffle yourself a copy!



simplicity is the key - sold out

as expected, the simplicity is the key release featuring quantec, sven weisemann and me sold out in a very short space of time indeed... quicker than anticipated in fact. hopefully everyone that wanted a copy got one and enjoyed the tracks. i know i was proud to be involved with these two top producers.



simplicity is the key - available now

well, after a lengthy series of delays i'm pleased to announce that the new smallfish 3" cd is finally out.

featuring tracks by quantec, sven weisemann and me it's a deep selection of low-key, lovingly crafted electronic music with roots firmly in the techno and minimal side of the sound.

available exclusively here at smallfish, you'd be well advised to snap a copy up as soon as you can!



december news

well, there's some exciting news on the horizon for me as i've been selected to be involved in the forthcoming quietus recordings project run by bvdub.

early in 2008 there will be a full length cdr available and it's scheduled to be catalogue number 3 on the label. look out for more news as and when.

thanks for your support through 2007 and i wish you a great festive season and a wonderful start to the new year.





various - simplicity is the key - smallfish [fish8cm-18] - pre-order now

exciting news for fans of the smallfish records 3" cdr series (and fans of great techno in general!) as there's a rather nice split release coming in early november.

featuring tracks by dub / deep techno hotshots quantec and sven weisemann, it'll also feature a track by me entitled 'tracing lines'.

the ep is called 'simplicity is the key' which really sums up the feelings of the artists involved (and, you'll notice, it's a prominent statement in my own biography) and it comes with deep, melodic and dub techno par excellence.

available exclusively from smallfish records. click here to pre-order a copy for yourself now!

full tracklist:

01 | quantec- gloaming
02 | sven weisemann - floatation verb
03 | remote_ - tracing lines


various - in loving memory 3:4 - styrax [strx08] - available now

i'm extremely proud to announce that the 3rd volume of styrax's absolutely wonderful 'in loving memory' series features a remote_ track. you can probably imagine how excited i am to be included on such a superb label.

the full track listing includes beautifully deep techno cuts from personal favourites of mine quantec, atheus and bvdub as well as my own 'reveal'.

available now from smallfish

full tracklist:

a1 | atheus - deploy
a2 | quantec - metamorphosed
b1 | bvdub - alone in the crowd
b2 | remote_ - reveal



remote_ - solitude - smallfish [fish12cm-02] - available now

august 1st was another exciting day for me as my second 5" cdr on smallfish was released.

solitude originally started life as a 40 minute electronic drone piece but slowly mutated over time into a 3-track work featuring deep, dub techno influences and an edited extract of the original beatless piece.

minimal, reduced and simple, the two rhythmic tracks, 'splice' and 'solitude part ii' are spacious and hypnotic and feature subtle shifts in the tones and chords, whilst 'solitude part i' delves into the world of beatless ambience.

available now in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, you'll be advised to snap it up quickly as there are only a few copies left.

click here to get straight to the release on the smallfish website.

click here for the discogs page for solitude.



remote_ - celestion - smallfish [fish12cm-01] - available now!

exciting news for me as today is the official release day of my celestion cd on smallfish records!

it's the first full-sized 5" release so far on the label and features the original, full length version of celestion, the edit of which was featured as the title track on the celestion ep on meanwhile.

it's a 40 minute slice of deep, dubby techno with a relaxed, groove-based flavour that works purely on the basis of the filtering and live tweaking of the delays and reverbs.

in some repsects it's a similar work (in spirit, if not actual sound) to the likes of rod modell's longer, more soundscpae orientated pieces or even the classic tv victor cd.

fans of the berlin flavour should hopefully enjoy this release as it gets a touch more dancefloor during the second half with a heavier 4/4 beat and a totally hypnotic sound to the chords.

available as a limited, numbered edition edition of 100 copies only from smallfish... i'd advise getting over there and checking it out as quick as you can to secure yourself a copy!

click here for the discogs page for celestion.



lengthy break from updating my website

as a lot of you will probably know I work at smallfish records. and as you may also know smallfish records closed in july to concentrate on running online.

suffice to say that the last few months have been somewhat hectic in that regard and that's the main reason that i haven't updated my site recently.

hopefully things will calm down over the next couple of months and i can concentrate on bringing you some new tracks - there are a few projects that are upcoming, but nothing i can reveal just yet - and some new content.

meantime, thanks for bearing with me and, remember, spread the word about smallfish being the best damn online record store for electronica in the whole wide world!





remote_- uninstall ep - meanwhile [mean006] - available now!

exciting news as my new 12" on london's meanwhile label is released this week. available already from smallfish records and having received single of the week on boomkat's site, it's a deep, detroit-laced ep with a hefty nod to the glacial dub-tones of berlin on the b-side.

fans of all things purist techno will hopefully enjoy the sounds on offer so check it out at smallfish now!

look out for a new audio section coming soon with streaming tracks and a wealth of unreleased material - i'd rather put it here than myspace!!



remote_ - changes in style - concentrated people - cp003cd - available now!

'changes in style' has now been released and is available from www.smallfish.co.uk and www.concentratedpeople.com for the very reasonable price of �8.99.

collecting together a series of tracks recorded over the last 6 years, the overwhelming feeling is of melody and groove. there are clear nods to detroit and berlin and there's even a chance to get the previously vinyl-only tracks 'a-tonal' and 'palestine child' on cd.

for samples please check smallfish and in the meantime if you do treat yourself to a copy i sincerely hope you enjoy the sounds on offer.



coming soon: remote_ - changes in style - concentrated people recordings - cd

'changes in style' has been mastered and is soon to be manufactured. a cd only release on concentrated people recordings, it features tracks from the last 6 years in a range of styles... from deep, detroit-inflected cuts to a more dubbed-out, berlin-centric flavour, via ambient textures and house vibes.

more information when it's been pressed and is on sale.



february / march news

for those of you that didn't make it down to smallfish for the level in-store show, you missed out on a great night... more importantly you missed out on getting a free cdr sampler of polymorphic music including tracks from hal, level, impossible flower and, of course, remote_.

you can, however, skip merrily over to polymorphic music and download all of the tracks for free. now that's a bargain... even if you don't get matt's lovely artwork!

other news is that my next meanwhile 12" has just been cut and i'm expecting a test-pressing back sometime this week. it's been rescheduled for a later release than march 27th, which is a shame, but it won't be long until it hits the shops.

i've also finally got myself a myspace page which can be found over at http://www.myspace.com/remoteunderscore why not join in the fun, add me to your friends list and drop me a message!

finally, i'm dj'ing on march 7th at the old blue last on curtain road in shoreditch. i'm playing for highpoint lowlife and other attractions for the evening will be live performances from calika, marshall watson and stendec... should be an excellent night. kicks off at 7.30pm and costs �4.00 with a flyer (which you can pick up from smallfish) or �5.00 without a flyer.



updated reviews on remote_ thoughts

there are 3 new reviews on remote_thoughts so please feel free to have a browse and don't be scared to leave those comments!

they include two new releases on expanding by modern institute and miller + fiam, plus richard chartier's wonderful 'tracing' on non visual objects.



welcome to 2006

as i think a lot of people have found, the beginning of 2006 has been rather quiet on most fronts. that's not to say there aren't things in the pipeline though as there are.

firstly there will be a track on a free polymorphic music cd being given away at smallfish on thursday 26th january during level's in-store show / album launch. should be a great evening if you fancy coming on down. smallfish can be found at 329 old street, london, ec1v 9le.

secondly, there will be a new meanwhile release a little later in the year. scheduled for a march release the 'uninstall' ep will feature 4 tracks and has a slightly more detroit-esque flava on the a-side with the customary deep, dubbiness on the flip. exciting times indeed as meanwhile continues to be one of the most pure and underground techno imprints around at the moment. just check out murmur's fantastic 'section ep' that's just been released... awesome stuff.

on the blog front, i have a heap of things to add including some serious minimalistic electronica sounds. as soon as they are up on the site i'll link straight to them.

so, plenty to look forward to... here's to a happy and fulfilling year for everyone!




happy new year to you all!

i just wanted to quickly wish everyone a happy and safe new year and to thank those that have supported me since i launched the website.

2006 promises to be a great year so make sure you come back and see me as i'll be updating the downloads section on a regular basis and adding many more reviews to the remote_ thoughts review archive.

peace to you all.



updated reviews on remote_ thoughts

i've just updated remote_ thoughts with a couple of new reviews. mark clifford and simon kealoha's 'running taper' on polyfusia, steinbr�chel's 'opaque (+re)' on room40 and pliiant's 'soothe the wound' on ampoule's talent offshoot.

follow the link above or hit the 'music review archive' button to check them out.



remote_ drops his new website

welcome to the new version of remote-underscore. finally there's a proper domain name and i'll be updating regularly with a series of downloadable tracks, news and images to go along with them.

the remote_ thoughts blog is still linking from this site so please feel free to check out the latest reviews of contemporary electronic music or, if you fancy, check out the archive which takes you to any page you want.

hopefully you'll find something to entertain you for a few minutes!




remote_ joins the polymorphic music website team

i'm excited to say that i'll be helping out the guys who run the excellent
polymorphic music website with some reviews and general music related input.

for those of you that haven't checked it out yet you should drop on over there
to listen to some fantastic net releases from the likes of hal, level (album due
on spekk in december) and impossible flower.

as well as these releases there are a number of dj mixes featuring a sparkling
array of electronic sounds to soothe and challenge.

beautifully put together and with a nice intuitive interface, this is an excellent
place to discover great new music and i'm thrilled to be involved.



new release

remote_ - piano_sequence [pp2_seq]- mp3 - term. [term.12]

available as a free download from www.12k.com



new release

remote_ - celestion ep - 12" - meanwhile [mean004]

available from smallfish records and other record shops